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Unbeatable Maple Prices!

Custom, personalized hard maple bats just $55.

The Wagner Bats Process

Use the arrows on the right and left below to walk through a high level overview of how Wagner Bats are made.

Bat Billets

Step One: Selecting the Wood

Long, rounded pieces of wood called billets or blanks, are carefully chosen and prepared for turning on the lathe.


Step Two: Turning the Bat on the Lathe

The selected billet is placed on the lathe. On the lathe the billet is shaped into a bat using gouges and specialized cutting tools.

Sanding the Bat

Step Three: Sanding the Bat

Once the bat is shaped, it is sanded first on the lathe and then again by hand until the bat is smooth.

Painting the Bat

Step Four: Painting the Bat

After the bat has been sanded, two coats of paint or stain are applied and the bat is allowed to dry.

Applying the Logo

Step Five: Applying the Logo and Lettering

Once the paint has dried, the logo and personalization is applied, along with two coats of polyurethane to give the bat a lasting shine!

Finished Bat

Step Six: Ready for Delivery!

Now the bat is ready for pick up or delivery. The finished bat is ready for display or hitting home runs!